"Here is Your Chance to Learn the Core Secrets that These 5 Experts & Entrepreneurs Used to Become Successful Starting From Scratch"

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VENUE: Eko Hotels and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos

DATE: Friday, March 30th, 2018            TIME: 10am

I want to invite you specially to the 2018 edition of the “Youth Enterprise Conference” (YECO4).

The “Youth Enterprise Conference” is an annual conference held in March every year where I invite some of the most successful young experts and business people to share their success stories with Nigerian youths .

And this Year, I am Bringing Together 5 Wonderful
Speakers Including Myself...

Here Are the Speakers:

SHOLA AKINLADE - Cofounder, Paystack

Shola is the co-founder of Paystack, a payments processing company which lets businesses accept payments via debit card or money transfer on their websites or mobile apps.

Paystack was the very first Nigerian company to get into Y-Combinator, in Silicon Valley, California, USA, ultimately getting an investment of $120,000 from them.

In 2016, Paystack did a seed round raising $1.3 Million and have since inception build a cleint base of over 8,000 businesses who use their service. Paystack is today, Nigeria's foremost online payments collection service.

Adewale Yusuf - Founder/CEO, TechPoint

AdewaleYusuf is the Founder and CEO of TechPoint.ng, a media tech company he founded in 2015 to tell African technology startups story.

Adewale writes about tech news, meetings, talents, gadgets, innovations and businesses.

TechPoint was launched to be a relatable platform that simplifies technology.

Over the last 3 years, TechPoint has emerged the leading technology news website in Nigeria.

Toolz Oniru-Demuren - Deputy Programme Director and OAP, The Beat FM

Toolz Oniru-Demuren, is a vivacious and multiple award-winning media personality.

Toolz is a radio presenter and Deputy Programme Director at the Beat 99.9FM where she also hosts her own radio show ‘The Midday Show with Toolz’

Before trying her hand at radio presenting on the Beat 99.9FM, Toolz gained extensive experience within the British entertainment industry, having worked at MTV
Networks Europe for several years before moving on to the Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group.

Toolz is also a passionate writer and she has a column - 'Toolz' Thoughts' on BellaNaija.

Toolz has served as a judge for the Channel O Music Video Awards both in 2011 & 2012 and for the MTV Base VJ Search in 2012.

In 2013, Toolz hosted the first season of Glo X-Factor West Africa. In 2014, Toolz guest co-hosted 10 episodes of Ebony Life TV's The Spot. In 2014, she was listed on YNaija's 10 Most Powerful People In Media list.

Toolz also hosted The Juice’ by Ndani TV which airs on Africa Magic Entertainment, and is currently the host of a brand-new show called 'The Wrap Up' on Accelerate TV.

Rich Tanksley - Brand Ambassador, PulseNG

Rich Tanksley is a dynamic human being.

He is an Entrepreneur, a business development expert, lecturer and Nollywood actor.

As a business development expert, Rich has helped in growing businesses like Tsekenis (Cameroun), Meltwater school of Technology (Ghana), Simplepay and PulseNG (Nigeria)

As the former CEO and Head of Publishing at Pulse Nigeria, Rich was responsible for the day to day operations of the company and developing revenue generating strategies.

 Through his leadership and creative insights he has helped grow PulseNG to one of the largest digital media companies in Nigeria.

Presently, Rich is a brand ambassador at PulseNG and also in charge of designing, managing, and sourcing consulting projects for NeuBridges

He is also a Nollywood actor with several films to his credit

Akin Alabi - Founder/CEO, NairaBET

That’s me :-)

I started my business in 2003 with just N3,500 creating and selling information products like Ebooks, Cds, audio tapes and manuals.

From there, I proceeded to launching a seminar and training company specializing in teaching and consulting for other young people starting their own small businesses.
I later tried my hands (and failed) in publishing.

I then tried my hands successfully on other businesses with the most popular being Nigeria's first sports betting website, NairaBET.com.

I will like to share my story with you including the mistakes I made along the way.

Why Do I Host this Event Every Year?

You see, as a young person living in Nigeria, you face a major problem

But why do some people despite all the challenges in Nigeria succeed and the majority doesn’t?

  • You live in a country where despite how much skills you have, you are faced with a lot of disadvantages.

  • You receive very poor education. Let’s face it, our universities are crap.

  • You do not have access to social amenities that in foreign countries is - electricity, internet, libraries, etc

But despite these odds, myself and many other entrepreneurs survived and achieved their goals...

If We Did It, You Too Can!

 I didn’t have a lot of money when I started. My first business was started with N3,500 only.

My Dad and mum are not multimillionares.

We definitely did not have any connections. I didn’t have any rich Uncle or anyone who mattered enough to get me a job at Shell or in a Government parastatal.

Many of the richest guys I know in Nigeria, didn’t finish University. Some didn’t even go at all.

So how did they make it?

I will tell you. It’s because. . .

They Cracked The Code

Cracking the code, means ignoring the "facts" and forging ahead to do things differently.

If you want to make it here in Nigeria FAST, if you want to truly and quickly “close the gap”, the trick is to surround yourself with SUPER successful professionals, entrepreneurs and go-getters, people who have figured out how to navigate this maze called Nigeria.

This is the ultimate success shortcut.

And this edition of the Youth Enterprise Conference will give you the opportunity to learn from these experts and entrepreneurs as they share the secrets they have used to grow their business and brands to EXTRAORDINARY levels.

What Would You Pay to Change Your Life Forever?

  • What will it be worth to take your income from where it is to 10X that, if even if you’re starting with zero today?

  • What would you pay to spend ONE FULL DAY with me?

  • What questions do you need answered?

  • What do you need to know to blow up?

  • What do you need help with? Social media, branding, getting known, closing the sale, building a team, investing?

Or at the very least, wouldn't it be worth to simply know the mistakes to avoid?

If your answer is yes, then here's good news.

I am going to let you come into the
Youth Enterprise Conference...For FREE!

I am reserving an entry card and seat for you at this year’s Youth Enterprise Conference, and you do not have to pay anything.

It’s a zero naira cost, totally and absolutely free.

Jason Njoku (Founder, Iroko TV) Says:

Akin and I have been friends for many years. When he invited me to speak at YECO of course I jumped at the chance. I had not attended previously so had no expectations.

When I walked into the hall at Eko Hotel I was blown away by the standing room only attendance. Thousands and thousands of young enthusiastic faces. The future of Nigeria was in that room.

Those in attendance were serious people. They were there to learn, hear stories and be inspired to go out there and build the future SME's this country needs to kick start our country.


SPECIAL N5 Million Giveaway

Here is the gist.

The Akin Alabi foundation will be supporting 50 attendees of this year’s Youth Enterprise Conference on their journey to success by providing them with N100,000 each.

This money is to be specifically invested into their business idea.

One of these 50 people could be you but the first step you have to to take right now is to book your seat to attend this year’s youth enterprise conference.

Mark Essien (Founder, Hotels.NG) Says:

When I got invited to speak at YECO, I did not realise that there would be so many people, that the energy would be that high, and that I myself would end being inspired and motivated by the other speakers.

I would really recommend this even to every aspiring and established Entrepeneur - the energy is high, the motivational factor is incredible and the learning is life-changing.


Here Is How to Lock Down Your Seat:

Seats are limited.

To get your unique Entry Pass to this event, click on the red button below right now and follow the instructions on the next page to register.

Japhet Omojuwa (CEO Alpha Reach) Says:

I had a great time at #YECO3 In 2017, more as a listener and observer than even a speaker.

It was a great time to listen to all the speakers share their personal stories and insight revolving around the power of persistence, foresight and courage, themes I have always found necessary for my own life. I’d certainly recommend YECO to anyone, especially young people looking to advance in their chosen fields and career.



The Youth Enterprise Awards

Here is a new one.

Starting from this year, we are introducing the "Youth Entreprise" awards as a way of honouring young Nigerians who have made a difference in various line of business.

Here is a list of the awards we are giving out this year.

1. Young Entrepreneur of the Year

An individual 40 years old or younger who has shown exemplary management excellence over a sustained period of time, making him or her a trailblazer in his or her particular field of business. He or she must be an inspiration and a model of entrepreneurship to the youth.

2. Music Entrepreneur of The Year

This must be an individual of 40 years or younger who has shown great leadership in the Nigerian music industry. He or she must have had a tremendous impact in the music business in the last two years.

3. Fashion Entrepreneur of The year

This is an individual who has excelled in the Fashion industry not just as an entrepreneur but also as an innovator. The individual must have proof that shows his body of works. This proofs will include fashion shows to individuals wearing his or her clothing.

4. Media Entrepreneur of the Year

Nominations for this categories will include individuals who are entrepreneurs in the media ecosystem. This includes traditional media establishment owners to social media influencers who have been able to use their social media accounts to influence social good, business profitability and right thinking.

5. Nightlife Entrepreneur Of The Year

These category includes proprietors of business that operates at night and depend on the activities of the night for profitability. These category covers club owners, restaurateurs, show promoters, vendors and others in the hospitality sector.

6. Youth Development Entrepreneur Of The Year

This category captures individuals who have used their influence and means within the society to pursue youth development and empowerment in different sectors. Nominees must have visible and verifiable proof of the impact of these endeavors.

7. Young Finance Entrepreneur of The year

Personalities in this category are individuals whose boldness have driven them to promote innovation in the area of finance, from the introduction of trailblazing technology, innovation and the launch of new financial products that makes life better for everyone and also bring about the development of the business.

8. Young Tech Entrepreneur of The Year

Nominations in this category must be individuals within the age bracket of 35 and below who are currently using technology as a means of solving real problems in their various fields, from agriculture, payment, logistics and even ecommerce.

9. Movie Business Entrepreneur of The Year

This category comprises of young individual not older than 35 who have ventured into the art of creating award winning movie productions and have done amazingly well.

Don't miss out.

Book a seat today.

See you on the 30th of March.

Akin Alabi
CEO, NairaBet

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