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"7 Young and Enterprising Nigerians Come Together In One Place To Teach You How They Built Their Businesses And How You Can Copy Their Success"

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VENUE: Eko Hotels and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos

DATE: Thursday, March 30th, 2017            TIME: 9am

Brought to you by Akin Alabi,
Founder, NairaBet.com

 I want to invite you specially to the 2017 edition of the “Youth Enterprise Conference” (YEC)

The “Youth Enterprise Conference” is an annual conference held every March 31st, 2017 where I invite some of the most successful young business people to tell Nigerian youths how they started their business and also teach them how they can do the same.

And this Year, I am Bringing Together 7 Wonderful
Speakers Including Myself...

Why am I doing this?

You see as a young person living in Nigeria...

You Face A Major Problem!

  • You live in a country where despite how much skills you have, you are faced with a lot of disadvantages.

  • You receive very poor education. Let’s face it, our universities are crap.

  • You do not have access to social amenities that in foreign countries is - electricity, internet, libraries, etc

But despite these odds, the 7 people I am bringing to you survived and achieved their goals...

Here Are the Speakers:

Jason Njoku - Founder, iROKO

After his tenth idea failed, Jason moved back home to live with his mom.

That was when he noticed that his Mom and sisters spent a lot of time watching Nigerian home videos yet going through unnecessary waiting periods and very high cost to get the movies from Nigeria to London to watch.

Jason Njoku suddenly had the idea for his 11th business - to stream the movies online legally - and together with his friend, Bastian Gotter, he founded IrokoPartners which owns IrokoTV, one of Africa’s leading on-demand video streaming services and the world’s largest legal distributor of African movies.

Today, Iroko has raised over $25 milion dollars in funding from foreign investors.

Mark Essien - CEO, Hotels.ng

Mark came up with an idea to create an online hotel booking platform while working as a home care nurse, taking care of a paralyzed man in Germany.

His company, Hotels.ng has grown to be the biggest hotel service in Nigeria raising over N1 billion naira (at today's dollar rate) from investors.

Investors, include Spark.NG, EchoVC and Omidyar Network.

Andrew Airelobhegbe - CEO, OgaVenue

This 23 years old entrepreneur is the co-founder and CEO of OgaVenue, a leading and probably the largest event venue booking portal in Nigeria which makes it easy to find reception halls, venues for your wedding receptions, birthday parties and book marquee, conference centres, party halls, convention centres and various types of event centres.

Less than a year in, Andrew and his team raised a $45,000 investment from SparkNG.

Japheth J Omojuwa - CEO, Alpha Reach

Japheth J Omojuwa is the founder of Omojuwa Foundation, the Alpha Reach and Omojuwa.com

He is a Nigerian thought leader and socio-political influencer, a columnist on Nigerian dailies with features on national and international platforms including CNN, BBC, Aljazeera, Mail & Guardian and with articles translated into French, Portuguese, Greek and Deutsch.

He is a Brand Influencer in the Rémy Martin #OneLifeLiveThem global campaign. In 2015, Omojuwa was named by Credit Suisse’s Bank’s magazine, “The Bulletin” as one of the “50 Movers and Shakers” of Africa.

He is a regular delegate at several High Level Dialogues organized by the African Union. His speaking engagements have seen him speak at Universities in Europe, the North America, Latin America and Africa.

He speaks on African issues, its economy and people and has done so on United Nations and World Economic Forum panels, and was until 2014 a Lecturer on Africa’s Civil Disobedience Culture and New Media at Berlin’s Free University

Pheelz, Mr Producer - Founder, Lyricash

Phillip Kayode Moses, better known as Pheelz, is one of Nigeria’s hottest audio engineers and record producers.

He was affiliated to YBNL, and produced the single by Olamide titled "Durosoke" which went on to get him nominated in the "Producer of The Year" category at the Headies 2013.

Pheelz is credited to have produced all but one song in Olamide's Baddest Guy Ever Liveth album and his foray into business led to the founding of LyriCash, a music distribution network which works to eliminate piracy and reward music lovers.

Olufunke Akindele Bello: Founder, Jenifa's Diary

This multiple award-winning Nollywood star who’s behind the viral Jenifa series is one of the very few actresses who have transformed the Nigerian entertainment industry with their ideas and hardwork.

But she is not just an actress. She is also a scriptwriter, a producer and entrepreneur.

Akin Alabi - Founder, NairaBET

That’s me :-)

I started my business in 2003 with just N3,500 creating and selling information products like Ebooks, Cds, audio tapes and manuals.

From there, I proceeded to launching a seminar and training company specializing in teaching and consulting for other young people starting their own small businesses.

I later tried my hands (and failed) in publishing.

I then tried my hands successfully on other businesses with the most popular being Nigeria's first sports betting website, NairaBET.com

I will like to share my story with you including the mistakes I made along the way.

Listen, If We Did It, You Too Can!

But why do some people despite all the challenges in Nigeria succeed, and the majority doesn’t?

Is it because they have money?

No, I didn’t have a lot of money when I started. My first business was started with N3,500 only.

Is it because they have connections?

My Dad and mum are not multimillionares.

We definitely did not have any connections. I didn’t have any rich Uncle or anyone who mattered enough to get me a job at Shell or in a Government parastatal.

Is it because they have the best education?

Again, the answer is, NO.

Many of the richest guys I know in Nigeria, didn’t finish University. Some didn’t even go at all.

So how did they make it?

I will tell you. It’s because. . .

They Cracked The Code

Cracking the code, means ignoring the and forging ahead to do things differently.

If you want to make it here in Nigeria FAST, if you want to truly and quickly “close the gap”, the trick is to surround yourself with SUPER successful professionals, entrepreneurs and go-getters, people who have figured out how to navigate this maze called Nigeria.

This is the ultimate success shortcut.

And this edition of the Youth Enterprise Conference will give you the opportunity to learn from the best of the best of the best experts and entrepreneurs who last year were responsible for over =N=100,000,000,000 in profits.

All of them have an amazing Super Power in their space and are coming to share the secrets they used to grow their business and brands to EXTRAORDINARY levels.

What Would You Pay to Change Your Life Forever?

  • What will it be worth to take your income from where it is to 10X that, if even if you’re starting with zero today?

  • What would you pay to spend ONE FULL DAY with me?

  • What questions do you need answered?

  • What do you need to know to blow up?

  • What do you need help with? Social media, branding, getting known, closing the sale, building a team, investing?

Or at the very least, wouldn't it be worth to simply know the mistakes to avoid?

If your answer is yes, then here's good news.

I am going to let you come into the
Youth Enterprise Conference...For FREE!

I am reserving an entry card and seat for you at this year’s Youth Enterprise Conference, and you do not have to pay anything.

It’s a zero naira cost, totally and absolutely free.

On One Condition Though - That you will use the strategies, information and secrets you will learn at this event to better your life, change your family story and contribute to the growth of Nigeria by paying it forward and teaching others like we will teach you.

And that's not all...

Here is the gist.

The Akin Alabi foundation will be supporting 50 attendees of this year’s Youth Enterprise Conference on their journey to success by providing them with N100,000 each.

This money is to be specifically invested into their business idea.

One of these 50 people could be you but the first step you have to to take right now is to book your seat to attend this year’s youth enterprise conference.

Here’s How To Lock Down Your Seat

To get your unique Entry Pass to this event, click on the red button below right now and follow the instructions on the next page to register.

At last year’s Youth Enterprise Conference, we had to send back over 5,000 attendees.

You know why?

Because we had only 5,000 seats available but more than 12,000 people showed up.

I know, it’s crazy, but if you delay getting your entrance number reserved for you, this registration page might have closed and you will not be able to make it inside.

As you read this, the seats are almost gone, so hurry and register now!


See you on the 30th of March.

Akin Alabi
CEO, NairaBet

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